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  • £ 15.00

    Genuine Taom Chalk, version 2 made in Finland. Green for snooker and English pool and blue for American pool.

    £ 15.00
  • £ 6.00

    This new grading system accurately and consistently determines the hardness of single layer (pressed) leather cue tips with a tolerance of +/- 5%. This unique process results in four different grades of tip: G1, G2, G3 and G4. G1= Soft G2= Medium G3= Medium Hard G4= Hard

    £ 6.00
  • £ 23.40

    The new Tweeten's Elk-Pro cue tips are pressed from prime hand selected leather. New pressing and treatment techniques ensure an even saturation to eliminate impurities and produce a supremely playable and consistent tip.

    £ 23.40
  • £ 9.95

    Kamui Tips are made of laminated pig skin. They come as size 11mm and in a range of densities. KAMUI maintains the best quality control in the industry, meaning their playability and reliability are incredibly consistent. 

    £ 9.95
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  • £ 22.20

    The Triangle Pro Chalk from Tweeten involves new ingredients, resulting in a smoother chalk providing greater cue ball control than ever.

    £ 22.20
  • £ 225.00

    The Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro '1G' snooker balls are officially used in competition and are accurate to one gram, made from the famous Aramith phenolic resin and are perfectly round and balanced, with a friction resistant roll. Includes the official case and detailed pamplet from Aramith. Diameter: 2 & 1/16" Weight: 4.95oz / 142g

    £ 225.00
Showing 1 - 6 of 62 items