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  • £ 165.00

    Peradon Royal 2 piece (centre jointed) hand spliced snooker cue. Made in England from selected North American ash shaft and jet black ebony butt. Includes SD joint for use with extensions (sold separately).

    £ 165.00
  • £ 850.00

    Martin Chesworth (White Badge) three quarter butt jointed hand spliced Snooker Cue with ash shaft including SD joint. 

    £ 850.00
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  • £ 179.00

    Master Cue Ultimate snooker cue, also known as the M2, with three quarter jointed ebony butt, hand spliced to a professional quality ash shaft fitted with a brass ferrule and tip. Includes SD joint.

    £ 179.00
  • £ 80.00

    Peradon Halo one piece slimline cue case. Aluminium construction with blue leatherette stripe design. Holds one full length cue.

    £ 80.00
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  • £ 159.00

    Peradon Comet hand spliced 3/4 butt jointed English Pool Cue including SD joint and hardwood mini butt

    £ 159.00
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  • £ 80.00

    Peradon Halo one piece two section cue case. Aluminium construction with white leatherette patchwork design. Holds two full length cues or one cue with extensions.

    £ 80.00
  • £ 148.00

    Peradon Ascot machine spliced 3/4 butt jointed Snooker Cue including SD joint.

    £ 148.00
  • £ 139.00

    The Edwardian cue from Peradon is a one piece machine spliced snooker cue. 58" long as standard with the timeless design of a plain ebony butt. Includes SD joint.

    £ 139.00
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