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  • £ 179.00

    Master Cue Probutt 4 snooker cue with three quarter jointed ebony butt, hand spliced to a professional quality ash shaft fitted with a brass ferrule and tip. Includes SD joint.

    £ 179.00
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  • £ 265.00

    Master Cue Magician one piece snooker cue, hand spliced with ash shaft. Includes SD joint.

    £ 265.00
  • £ 70.00

    Cheworth Cues three quarter Snooker Cue case, will hold 3/4 snooker cue, extension, and mini butt. in (Black)  

    £ 70.00
  • £ 250.00

    The quintessential snooker tournament triangle, designed by John McCongle.

    £ 250.00
  • £ 225.00

    The Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro '1G' snooker balls are officially used in competition and are accurate to one gram, made from the famous Aramith phenolic resin and are perfectly round and balanced, with a friction resistant roll. Includes the official case and detailed pamplet from Aramith. Diameter: 2 & 1/16" Weight: 4.95oz / 142g

    £ 225.00
  • £ 295.00

    Master Cue Heritage S. Top of Master Cue's highly regarded range, the 'S' denotes a 'Special' one-off design with multi-splicing and a long butt 3/4 joint. Includes SD joint for use with Master Cue extensions (sold separately).

    £ 295.00
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  • £ 365.00

    The Newbury by Peradon utilises maple and walnut in creating a unique and exceptionally consistent laminated shaft, hand spliced to an ebony butt. Includes SD joint for use with extensions (sold separately).

    £ 365.00
  • £ 625.00

    Martin Chesworth (White Badge) 3/4 Butt jointed multi hand spliced Snooker Cue including SD joint. Please contact to order.

    £ 625.00
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