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  • £ 240.00

    Master Cue Ex 2 1 piece cue with ash shaft including SD joint 

    £ 240.00
  • £ 295.00

    A one off production from Peradon, this one piece Prince snooker cue is not part of the standard range and is made just for Chesworth Cues. Top grade selected North American ash shaft and ebony butt. Includes SD joint for use with extensions (sold separately).

    £ 295.00
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  • £ 10.00

    New Multi Laminated pig skin cue tips from Korea, Monstar are available in soft or medium. Choose the colour you prefer!

    £ 10.00
  • £ 185.00

    The Peradon Cambridge is a hand spliced snooker cue featuring a single front splice of ash and blue veneers, matched to a real hand spliced ebony butt and top grade selected North American ash shaft. Includes SD joint for use with extensions (sold separately).

    £ 185.00
  • £ 24.65

    Genuine KAMUI Chalk is closer to a compound than a chalk. Its reduced particle size increases friction, widens the sweet spot and creates more spin on the cue ball. 

    £ 24.65
  • £ 210.00

    Master Cue Pro Butt 2 one piece Snooker Cue hand spliced with ash shaft. Includes an SD joint.

    £ 210.00
  • £ 239.95

    The Dowsing Table Iron is simply the number one table iron used on snooker and pool tables across the globe. The thermostat makes sure the iron is heated to the correct temperature and ensures safe use.

    £ 239.95
  • £ 139.00

    The Vector from Peradon is a one piece machine spliced pool cue. 57" long as standard with a single front splice and red veneer. Includes SD joint.

    £ 139.00
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